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Private mausoleum of Dr. William E. Minahan; he died in the Titanic tragedy, April 15, 1912.


Woodlawn Cemetery, located high above the east bank of the Fox River, had it's name suggested by one of the founders and it's first president, Henry S. Baird. Incorporated a century ago, March 28, 1856, the cemetery's organization was not legalized until 1867, when platting began and the first burials took place. Woodlawn was founded by a group of Green Bay's most prominent citizens, including Henry Baird, Eugene Eastman, Charles D. Robinson, Dr. Daniel W. King, Timothy O. Howe, Nathan Goodell, Frank Desnoyers and Burley Follett. All were important in the city's early history and most of them rest today in the shade of Woodlawn's great trees. 

(Pictured to the left - Mausoleum of Dr. William E. Minahan who died in the Titanic tragedy on April 15, 1912.)



We offer traditional in ground burial, above ground cremation burial and we have a unique cremation garden. It would be our pleasure to show you around. Please call to schedule an appointment today.



Jamie Ireland - Executive Director

Jamie was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She graduated from Pulaski High School and also attended classes at the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association University. 

With over 10 years of experience, Jamie has worked as a Family Service Counselor and Continuing Care Coordinator for local funeral homes and cemeteries. 

She currently resides on the east side of Green Bay. In her spare time she enjoys running, spending time with her family and the occasional day at the lake. Jamie truly loves working in the community and takes pride in helping families at their greatest time of need. 


 "Jamie, I successfully found the McDonald family plot and took the photos I needed. Thank you so much for helping me find those markers by explaining everything so clearly. It is a beautiful cemetery."  - Anonymous - 9/21/2018

"I wanted to thank you so much for coming in on your "day off" to help us pick out the perfect burial plot for Bernie and myself. It was greatly appreciated by me and my children. You were very sweet and compassionate."   - K. Murray - 12/1/2017

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Woodlawn Cemetery

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